Project: TRiple Up -high Above Melbourne

Helical 3100/18.69

Oak Treads and risers with a 12mm Glass Balustrade and 32mm Stainless Steel Handrail

  Helical 3100/18.69 Staircase with Oak Treads and Riser

Situatied in the lobby Due the the over 10m Height of the stair the Building Code calls for landings spaced at no more than 18 Risers apart. These landings were designed to descretly tie intot he corner of the builsing so that the did not interup the continus flow of the staricae when viewd from teh Atrium. .

Under Construction

The Nuts and Bolts

See images of this stair under construction. First a temporary Plywood Balusatde was insatalled so that the stair could be used safely before the Glass was insatlled